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How to make a class iterable in ES6

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ECMAScript 6 (ES6) introduced the concept of iterators. Iterators let you define custom ways to iterate or travers an object by either by calling next() or using the for..of construct.

In order to add iterability you have to implement the Iterator as well as the Iterable interface in your class.

interface Iterator {
    next() : IteratorResult;

interface IteratorResult {
    value: any;
    done: boolean;

interface Iterable {
    [System.iterator]() : Iterator;

The semantics of next() are quite easy:

  • If you can produce a new value, return it and set done to false
  • Once you iterated overall values, set done to true and return value as undefined

Iterators can be infinite and never return done as true.

Once the Iterator interface is implemented, implementing Iterable becomes trivial as you just return this.

Here is a complete example of the concept.